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Monday, May 15, 2006

Signing off from the Greenbush...The Last Slanty Shanty Show

Hear ye, hear ye - all rise for the honorable Slanty Shanty!

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I. Bienvenido!
II. Woo hoo!
III. A cornucopia of guests
IV. Graduates sound off on the commencement speaker
a. "Her only claim to fame seemed to be that she's named after a Crimean seaport..."
b. "She claimed to have slept with a restaurant and had a restaurant baby..."
c. "Frankly I don't care."
d. "the words Audrey Seiler"
- An abysmal attempt at a transition -
5. MATC - UW-Madison transfer guarantee
6. "Sneaking in"
7. The other chair talks (?)
8. Back
9. Forth
10. Guaranteed
11. A real transfer student, JE, chimes in
12. Schwerbel tries to call in (accompanied by the Soviet national anthem)
XIII. The merits of UW-Fond du Lac
XIV. "3.0 is the new 2.0"
(and Darryn broke open her third beer of the evening...)
XV. "Your mom made hotdish!" (a fight over Minnesota breaks out...)
+ Another pitiful attempt at a transition +
XVI. "The melting pot is getting a little bit more picante"
XVII. The Immigration Issue - "It's already here."
18. Tito Puente!
19. "Mexico needs to become a more attractive place"
20. Agreement? What?!
21. Mark starts cussing up a storm...
22. A surprise call from Ryan Scannell on immigration
23. "We should secure our borders"
XXIV. More swearing!!! Stop it!
XXV. Mark goes for Brad's jugular
(whoops we forgot to put these in originally)
1. Tim Shea calls in on immigration
2. "You get the Slanty Shanty Show ringtone!"
3. Mark swears for the third time, a cock crows
4. Bob to Darryn: "That's false. That's 100% false!"
5. "I heard Christian rock music in Chipotle."
6. "A positive Viewpoint Neutrality Violation"
7. American values, conservative, catholic?
Cryptic references to incubi
XXVI. A Round up on Immigration
a. James: "I agree with Brad"
b. Jordan: "Build a wall
c. Mark: "Open immigration...something about freedom"
d. John: "Nada"
e. Timmy: "Yes to amnesty"
f. Ryan: "Incubi"
g. Darryn: "Deplorable"
h. Frank: "Fish"
i. Brad: "Improve Mexico"
j. Bob: "Stay the Course"

27. "Corona is the new Guinness"
28. Brad's mom and sister make an appearance...
29. "Foot out of mouth"
30. The other denizens of the Slanty Shanty finally show their faces
30.5 (The man in the hat arrives!)
31. A woeful bid to transition to the final topic - our
33. LSAT, campaigning, writing books, law firm, China, reading, finding a job
34. "Mark, I think he's going to crack down on you."
35. Althouse: "Our show's better than yours."
36. A final woo hoo from the Greenbush
37. Farewell!

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Blogger Mike said...

I'm sad to hear this will be the last episode. It's been a good run... nice work.

4:07 PM


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