Live from the Greenbush, it’s the Slanty Shanty…yes, our house literally leans to the right (from the right perspective).

Friday, March 10, 2006

Slanty Shanty Show #7: Spring Break, Kielites in the House

On today's show:

1. Spring Break!
2. People from Kiel in the house
3. Plans for break
4. Montana, mundane stuff...
5. Drunk golfing in Kiel? (Wha?)
6. Brian, an engineer, analyzes the Slanty Shanty
7. House is deflecting
8. House not structurally sound
9. House will fall down
10. Blame it on glaciers
11. Signing off
12. Jump around!

Listen to find out!!

Click the play button to listen (time: 3:30)


Blogger Mike said...

As a civil engineer, I know what's making your house lean: it's [bum, bum, bum] Global Warming!!! If it's not that, then its Giant Evil Soul-Eating Corperations!!! I was wondering, isn't this #8 because you had 2 #6's?

11:27 PM


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