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Sunday, March 05, 2006

Slanty Shanty Show #6 - Ports, Referendum, and Steve's Foul Tongue

Topics Discussed:

1. Live from the Greenbush...
2. A cavalcade of guests: Steve S (letters-in-bottles), Frank H. (Mendota Beacon), Tim S. (SSFC).
3. Let's talk ports, everybody
4. Dubai - good? bad?
5. More ports!
6. Everybody gangs up on Brad
7. ...Brad fights back
8. [Things get heated]
9. Xenophobia?
10.Vote (someone loses)
11.Union Referendum
11.5 VOTE NO!
12. Why didn't they ask for a donation first?
13. Taxes
14. Ok, so they're going after some donations
15. But still a majority of costs on students
16. Why does Union South suck so much?
17. Steve defends Humanities
18. - ugly -
19. Sell naming rights
20. Even we could make Union South better
21. Bring in companies
22. 1928 - Mem. Union all donation-funded
22.Possible trouble getting donations - UW in bad light these days
23.The WRAP
24.Capitalism good all around
25. Signing off
25.5 Woo hoo!

Listen to find out!!

Click the play button to listen (time: 13:15)


Blogger Jenna said...

Humanities is ugly. :)

Glad you could hold your own, Brad.

7:10 AM


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