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Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Slanty Shanty Show #5: Mardi Gras - with a special guest!

Topics Discussed:

1. Welcome to the Slanty Shanty!
2. Special Guest - Opiate of the Masses!!!
3. Mardi Gras
4. What are you giving up for Lent?
5. Come on...what are you giving up? :)
6. Vague scriptural references
7. City council's silly ideas
8. Austin King slaps back
9. "Ink Turds"
10. Kelly Schlicht is even worse than us - yep
11. Ashok Kumar appears out of nowhere
12. What do we like?
12.5 - Biergartens!
13. Leave them alone!
14. Fire code? What fire code?
15. "They spilled an MGD on my purse"
16. "You're not forced to go to the biergarten!"
17. Why are they fenced?
18. More freedom for beer on game days
19. Hunch
20. Where has this problem been?
21. "Unneeded government intervention"
22. A smidgeon of credit for Austin King - nyuh...
23. Signing off from the Greenbush
24. Happy Lent!

Listen to find out!!

Click the play button to listen (time: 9:30)


Blogger Ryan S said...

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7:11 PM

Blogger Ryan S said...

Nice scripture quote, Brad. Oddly enough, I just read Matthew 6 today, the chapter that fasting verse is from.

Good job with the background music. I especially liked Johnny Cash's "Personal Jesus."

Keep up the good work, all three of you.

7:15 PM


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