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Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Slanty Shanty Show #13 - Back from the Dead Across America!

It's been two years since the last Slanty Shanty show took place in the Slanty Shanty itself, deep in the heart of Madison, Wisconsin's Greenbush neighborhood...

...and now...despite barriers of thousands of miles of beautiful American territory from the glorious greenery of Klief Park...we're back!


In this thirteenth installment, Bob joins the conversation from Idaho, while Brad rings in from New Orleans. Why did we do it? To quote ZZ Top: "cuz we're bad, and we're nationwide."

We put out a whopping 16-minute long show, dressed in the technical wizardry of the man in Spudland.

1. We're back!
2. Places
3. G-unit of Guamanians?
3B - the history of Guam's acquisition...tangent alert!
4. Indiana Jones and the Crystal Skull
- Chronic - what- kles of Narnia?!?
5. The Battle of Stalingrad, or The Continuing Story of the Democratic Prez Primary (cue ominous music shift)
+ Bob feels sympathy for Hillary Clinton?
+ SHE's gonna be in this to the convention - SHE's gonna try to take Obama
6. Brass band music, perhaps
7. McCain's VP? The BBQ boys - Jindal, Crist, Romney
8. More - Probably something else, too - Obama is NOT a Muslim - Madam Clinton
9. Bloviating's never felt so good - "the year of big starpower"
- Jindal's on the horizon
10. Signing off
11. Woo hoo!

- Things we didn't talk about but should have - New Orleans Chinese spy pleaded guilty today, UW-Madison has a new chancellor, etc.

Musica for this one: CCR, Youngblood Brass Band, Offspring, etc.

~ Special thanks to Phil E for the use of a mic headset down on the Crescent City side.

And, as always, if you'd like to be a guest on the Slanty Shanty Show, get in touch!

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Monday, May 15, 2006

Signing off from the Greenbush...The Last Slanty Shanty Show

Hear ye, hear ye - all rise for the honorable Slanty Shanty!

Click here to hear it

I. Bienvenido!
II. Woo hoo!
III. A cornucopia of guests
IV. Graduates sound off on the commencement speaker
a. "Her only claim to fame seemed to be that she's named after a Crimean seaport..."
b. "She claimed to have slept with a restaurant and had a restaurant baby..."
c. "Frankly I don't care."
d. "the words Audrey Seiler"
- An abysmal attempt at a transition -
5. MATC - UW-Madison transfer guarantee
6. "Sneaking in"
7. The other chair talks (?)
8. Back
9. Forth
10. Guaranteed
11. A real transfer student, JE, chimes in
12. Schwerbel tries to call in (accompanied by the Soviet national anthem)
XIII. The merits of UW-Fond du Lac
XIV. "3.0 is the new 2.0"
(and Darryn broke open her third beer of the evening...)
XV. "Your mom made hotdish!" (a fight over Minnesota breaks out...)
+ Another pitiful attempt at a transition +
XVI. "The melting pot is getting a little bit more picante"
XVII. The Immigration Issue - "It's already here."
18. Tito Puente!
19. "Mexico needs to become a more attractive place"
20. Agreement? What?!
21. Mark starts cussing up a storm...
22. A surprise call from Ryan Scannell on immigration
23. "We should secure our borders"
XXIV. More swearing!!! Stop it!
XXV. Mark goes for Brad's jugular
(whoops we forgot to put these in originally)
1. Tim Shea calls in on immigration
2. "You get the Slanty Shanty Show ringtone!"
3. Mark swears for the third time, a cock crows
4. Bob to Darryn: "That's false. That's 100% false!"
5. "I heard Christian rock music in Chipotle."
6. "A positive Viewpoint Neutrality Violation"
7. American values, conservative, catholic?
Cryptic references to incubi
XXVI. A Round up on Immigration
a. James: "I agree with Brad"
b. Jordan: "Build a wall
c. Mark: "Open immigration...something about freedom"
d. John: "Nada"
e. Timmy: "Yes to amnesty"
f. Ryan: "Incubi"
g. Darryn: "Deplorable"
h. Frank: "Fish"
i. Brad: "Improve Mexico"
j. Bob: "Stay the Course"

27. "Corona is the new Guinness"
28. Brad's mom and sister make an appearance...
29. "Foot out of mouth"
30. The other denizens of the Slanty Shanty finally show their faces
30.5 (The man in the hat arrives!)
31. A woeful bid to transition to the final topic - our
33. LSAT, campaigning, writing books, law firm, China, reading, finding a job
34. "Mark, I think he's going to crack down on you."
35. Althouse: "Our show's better than yours."
36. A final woo hoo from the Greenbush
37. Farewell!

Click here to listen to the show

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Slanty Shanty Show XI, Election Recap

Topics Discussed:

.5 Congrats to Dave Lapidus for a great race!!!
1. Anti-War Referendum
2. What does it matter?
3. Who cares?
4. Madison: Surrounded by reality
5. ASM Referenda
6. Union Referendum Failed again!
7. Politics makes strange bedfellows
8. SLAC "Living wage" passes
9. May be moot issue
10. ASM elections redux (Wednesday - Friday)
11. Vote Robinhood slate!
12. Signing off, live from the Greenbush...
13. One scotch, one bourbon, one beer...

Listen to find out!!

Click the play button to listen (time: 10:15)

Thursday, March 30, 2006

Slanty Shanty Show X: ASM IS DEAD

Topics Discussed:

.5 The Ultimate Showdown
2. The "Student Government" is formed
3. One of the Leaders is in the studio - Tim Schulz
4. "ASM is useless and corrupt"
5. Where do we go from here?
6. Meeting with Laurie Berquam
7. Do you recognize ASM as your government? No, didn't think so!
8. We could "totally disband the Student Government"
9. Does ASM have the authority to take away our money?
10 36.09(5)? No
11. Will the Chancellor recognize us?
12. Bailiff Force?
13. The Orange or Rose Revolution
14. "We want change, there is a movement out there, we want this to occur now."
15. What is ASM?
16. Too many hands in the cookie jar...eating my cookies
17. Signing off

Listen to find out!!

Click the play button to listen (time: 13:15)

Monday, March 27, 2006

Slanty Shanty Show #9: ASM and County Elections, TARs, Green, and Final Four

On today's show:

1. ASM
2. Spring Election
4. Referenda? Vote NO, NO
5. Dane County Elections, too
6. Bring our Troops home now? NO! No cut and run.
7. Asshok vs. Lapidus
8. Spring Break
9. Box Elder Sap - duh?
10. Montana Skiing
11. TARS
12. Mark Green and J.B. in the "Freedom Baron"
13. Walker Dropped out - a good thing?
14. NCAA B-Ball
15. Selection Committee is on notice
16. "No #1s are in the final four"
17. "UConn - you sons of b******"
18. More shows this week
19. David Lapidus and Ashok are invited to be on the show!
20. Sign off
21. Born on the Bayou
22. The sound of money raining from your pocket into the greedy hands of the Union Directorate...

Listen to find out!!

Click the play button to listen (time: 3:30)

Friday, March 10, 2006

Snow Oddities in Klief Park